About Groundworks Property Management

Groundworks Property Management (GPM) started as a one man lawn mowing service in the mid 1960's. Landscaping services were added to the business in 1969 after working for Dundee Gardens for several years – here many aspects of landscaping were mastered. Landscaping design and installation were added in the 1970's. These services were available throughout Luzerne County and other areas of N.E. PA. During the 1980's, Groundworks expanded business services into surrounding states as well as Florida. Limited design work in Europe and Brazil followed. As Groundworks grew over the years, our base costumers requested additional services, such as driveway sealing and debris hauling. The 1990's brought an expansion of hauling into our Wee Haul division and driving sealing into our Wee Seal division. Wee Haul has done extensive work for many local real estate companies, as well as local and national banks – doing foreclosure work. Wee Seal annually does over 100 driveways in Luzerne County. In 2007 we began using the Groundworks Property Management name due to the scope of our business. No matter which diversion of GPM you may have need of, be assured it is our goal to give you the customer, the best possible service at a fair price – all done in a timely and professional manner.

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